Should I Relocate a Bat?

Bats in the house: Bats are a very useful part of our environment. They have the ability to eat up about a thousand mosquitoes in an hour and this quality makes them pretty good neighbors. But if this wild creature decides to roost in your Little Rock house or any other section of your property, it becomes necessary to move them to some different part of neighborhood. So it is important to decide how to safely relocate the Arkansas bats.

Figure out the bats: First of all figure out where in your property or Little Rock house bats are flying in and out of. To observe this, dusk is the best time as it is the time when bats will begin flying out and search for food. You can check the presence through the dark, pellet like droppings. Another way to trace them is to notice their scratching and squeaking sound that they create while roosting in your Arkansas home.

Install on way screening: One –way screening is a good idea as through such screening Arkansas bats can go out but cannot get back. Install these screenings on the entrances that are mostly used by the bats. For this purpose the screen should be adjusted several inches above the top of opening as well as along the sides while leaving the bottom of screen hanging over bottom of the entry by many inches. The will easily make their way out but will remain unable to reenter.

Installing a bat house: A more safe method to relocate the Little Rock bats is installing a house on a nearby post, tree or any other available structure. Bat house can easily be constructed or bought. To make it more familiar for the bats you can place some bat guano on the new house. But be careful while doing the procedure as touching or breathing the guano could be harmful for you. The new bat house is to be hung of at least 15 feet high. Moreover the location of the bat house is also important; it should be in the direction where sun will warm it directly. The bat house should have a good arrangement of ventilation. In addition, nylon screen or plastic mesh stapled on inside ceilings and walls in order to provide footholds for Arkansas bats.

The last but not least: Wait for 7 – 10 days for Little Rock bats to leave and then seal all the entry points permanently. Do not seal the holes if a single Arkansas bat is inside.

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