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Do Rats Make Good Pets?

Over many years ago Arkansas rats have been labeled as nasty and aggressive animals, carrying lots of deadly diseases, destructive to homes and others. In its actuality, these labels are only true if what you are talking about is a wild rat. Wild rat causes damages to crops and buildings and the disease associated with them come from the parasites they normally carry. The truth is that domesticated rats do not cause destructions or carry disease and they are not even aggressive like the wild rats. If that you are talking about is the wild Little Rock rat, you should know that they are not food as pet as their bit can result to serious disease to you but if it is domestic rat you are asking about here are reasons why you should keep them as rat.

Get Rat as Pet and Enjoy the Intelligence
The domestic Little Rock rats are known for their intelligence which made them to be used for maze studies. They are quite playful and always love to entertain owners and even themselves with items like ping pong balls, rolls of toilet paper and others. When it comes to obstacle courses and puzzles rats are number one and you will certainly love them for that. They love to play the game and entertain the owner at any point in time.

Domestic Rats Are Extremely Clean
While the wild rat can be dirty the domesticated Arkansas rats are known for their cleanliness. They are cleaner than cat and always ensure that they groom themselves to remove all sorts of dirt on their body. With the help of their rough tongue, they can easily clean up their coat removing dust and dirt easily. More so, if you have more than one rat in the same house, they will always groom each other to ensure that they are clean always. You can even train your cat to use litter box which will help to maintain cleanliness in the cage.

Rats Are Not Difficult To Care For
Unlike other pets like dog, cats and others that require attention and difficult care, the Little Rock rat is just simple when it comes to its care. Feeding rat is not difficult and you will not find it difficult getting some commercial diet for your Arkansas rats. You can equally feed your rats with fruit and vegetables and save yourself the stress in searching for commercial rat feed.

Rat a Great Pet for Children
For your pocket pet, you need to make a Little Rock rat your choice as it rarely bites unlike other pets. More so, rats normally sleep about 13-15 hours and do not need your constant attention during the day making it easy for your children to care for it.

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