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What Should I Do if I Find an Orphaned Baby Skunk Wandering About?

If you see a Little Rock skunk wandering around, you need to act fast. Skunks are known to cause diseases, havoc in your garden and are a health hazard when they spray. Some of the core reasons as to why the Arkansas skunk is on the loose include:
• Looking for food in garbage
• The mother is not around
• Loosing for new breeding places

If you find a Little Rock skunk in your garden, you need to act immediately, since they are known to dig holes, and mess with the vegetation. However, the right mode of handling is paramount if you want to catch them correctly, without letting them release the spray.

Trap them with a laundry basket
You can easily trap the Arkansas skunks with a laundry basket or a cardboard. This shall keep them held inside for a few minutes as you look for another solution. Skunks are known to be hostile and they may bite, and release their spray to you. You need to do this carefully, or you shall have a hard time trying to trap them inside.

Do not feed them
You should not feed the Arkansas skunks especially the young ones since they have a different diet. The skunks are not pets as many people tend to think. Once you see them wandering around, you need to trap them as you seek for Little Rock animal rescue solution.

Call the animal hotline
When you rely on the Arkansas wildlife and animal rescue shelters, you shall have assistance immediately. This is because the animal rescue shelter and wide life evacuation, and rescue deal with such animals. They have the right handling materials and techniques, which shall enable them to haunt and capture the Little Rock skunks without causing havoc, or letting them to spray their fluid.

Be cautioned of diseases
The skunks usually have rabies based on the type of Little Rock skunk species. You might think they look appealing and be tempted to hold them only to end up with a disease. In order for one to end up with the quality results, you need to make sure that you choose the right method of handling them, in order for them not to escape as you await the animal shelter and resource to come for the Arkansas skunks. Make sure you follow the right details, which include trapping them on a cardboard or laundry basket, and do not give them food as you await for further help

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